Ursula Abresch

Ursula Abresch


Ursula Abresch is an art photographer based in the West Kootenays, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

She was born in Argentina, and raised in Argentina and in Chile. She moved to the United States to attend university, and eventually moved permanently to Canada. She has a degree in Education with a concentration in Art and History. She currently is Artistic Director at the VISAC Gallery in Trail, British Columbia, but, outside of that, she dedicates most of her time to photography.

Her style can loosely be classified as photo-impressionism. Photo-impressionism allows for the abstraction of subjects, providing much more character than with a representational photo. Photo-impressionism makes it possible to express feelings without having to say a word, and to put down thoughts, dreams, and fleeting moments in time, when a small change in light can make the difference between utterly glorious and plain drab. Perhaps more than anything, the concepts of photo-impressionism make Ursula pay attention to colour. She plays with colour and uses it almost as if it were the subject itself, which, in a way, it is, at least in photography. Light is colour.

"There’s more to a moment than what you see with your eyes. There are the thoughts at the time, the sounds, the smells, what you touch ... and more. All these are real and integral to my photography. It’s the sum that makes the photo."

For large prints of many of her photos, please see Ursula @ GreatBigCanvas